Full Name
Anna Glynn
Job Title
Anna Glynn
Speaker Bio
Anna Glynn is a speaker, trainer and coach on thriving workplaces. Anna sees her key role as translating research into relatable strategies for organisations to empower their people and performance to thrive. Anna’s mission is to create workplaces where people can be at their best each day and are better off having worked there.

Having worked in the financial services industry for a decade including leading national sales teams, Anna understands what it’s like to manage people and be responsible for driving growth in the workplace.

In her practice, Anna has worked with a number of global organisations from across a range of industries. She also teaches students at the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Wellbeing Science. Additionally, Anna’s expertise has been sought by organisations looking for advice on their wellbeing strategies or initiatives.

Anna holds a Bachelor of Arts / Commerce, a Professional Certificate in Positive Psychology (First Class Honours) and a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology (First Class Honours). She is also accredited in the Strengths Profile diagnostic tool, is a certified Organisational Coach and a Mental Health First Aider.
Anna Glynn